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Mental health support in the workplace

Author: Mindful Employer Date: 25/08/2016

What do employees say about their workplace mental health support? What can organisations do to foster good mental health at work?

Managing anxiety in the workplace

Author: Gina Bennett Date: 02/08/2016

For some people the workplace can be a minefield of anxiety and stress. A task or situation that’s a ‘sinch’ for you may be spine-chilling for someone else.

Think of a presentation to your CEO. It might make you feel uncomfortable. It might be scary. But for one of your colleagues this situation could trigger their anxiety.

Better Mental Health at Work: We’re in this Together

Author: Eliza Oakley Date: 29/06/2016

Stress is the second most common cause of workplace compensation claims in Australia, after manual handling. And it’s that time of year when people might be feeling the pressure of juggling end of financial year workplace requirements with school holiday routine adjustments and the winter blues.

Creating community in our workplace: Everyone benefits

Author: Jeremy Little Date: 31/05/2016

Life outside of the workplace is made up of hobbies, interests, children, partners and friends. The community we create gives our lives meaning and support.

Did you know that we can also benefit from creating workplace communities?  Read more to see how this can be done. 

When we think of business leaders, names such as Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson, Larry Page or Gail Kelly may come to mind. These well-known leaders fulfil their role on a public stage and are known to many.

Leadership is not just reserved for high profile roles, nor for those who carry a title such a Founder, CEO or Vice President. Leadership sits in all facets of an organisation, and in order to create better workplace mental health we need to garner the ability of employees who are able to inspire their colleagues by engaging their hearts and minds.

Self Awareness: A Skill of Choice

Author: Eliza Oakley Date: 29/04/2016

When we come to work we bring our whole self, and there will be times when we are a little below the top of our game. Our workplace interactions, whether with our colleagues or an external party, are necessary and form an integral part of any work we do. Increasing our self awareness can help us to improve our control over how we respond in all interactions.

Understanding mental health at work as a safety issue

Author: Eliza Oakley Date: 26/02/2016

Over the past 3 years I’ve had the privilege of speaking with hundreds of employers about their workplace mental health programs.

While workplace safety is a specialist area, addressing complex organisational needs, people at all levels within an organisation are able to immediately address physical safety issues in their workplaces.

Make Christmas work for you

Author: Eliza Oakley Date: 01/12/2015

Love it or loathe it, it’s that time of year again, where Carols are piped relentlessly through shop sound systems, shopping centre car parks are jammed, our to-do list seems endless and queues to see Christmas Lights go to eternity.

The way we think about work is broken

Author: Eliza Oakley Date: 29/09/2015

I’d like to introduce you to Joe. Joe recently started a new job with a successful construction firm with great promotion prospects. He’s excited about this new career opportunity. After a week on the job, Joe broke his leg while playing in a weekend hockey match. He needed an operation to insert screws into the broken bones and a couple of weeks off work for recovery after surgery. He returned to work in a ‘moon-boot’, which had to be worn for several weeks.

Of course paid work can offer us the benefits of financial independence and volunteer work is often offered for a cause we are truly passionate about. However, working can also offer benefits to our mental health.

Five mental health benefits to be gained from working are:

Mind and Body – Inextricably Connected

Author: Eliza Oakley Date: 31/08/2015

A cartoon landed in my inbox recently, which had me chuckling, writes Eliza Oakley, Manager of the Mindful Employer program.

A doctor asks a patient, Have you experienced any stressful situations recently? to which the patient replies, ‘Yes, my stress is called Life’.

Be the change you want to see

Author: Charmaine Smith Date: 28/07/2015

A friend came to see me the other day about a problem she is having at work. She is feeling frustrated with poor work processes, inadequate communication across the business, and the impact these problems are having on the organisation.

Unfortunately, these frustrations are also causing my friend considerable stress. Lack of control is one of the primary causes of workplace stress.

Overcoming Stigma in the Workplace

Author: Eliza Oakley Date: 23/04/2015

We’re all human. We’re all influenced by the attitudes, stereotypes and prejudices of others; as we’re growing up, when we read the paper, when we talk to friends and even in the workplace.

Stigma lingers because false or negative stereotypes about mental illness change our attitudes and therefore alter the way we behave. Another name for this behavior is discrimination.

Did you know today is World Bipolar Day? The aim of the day is to increase awareness of bipolar disorder and eliminate social stigma. So how much do you know about bipolar disorder? What are the symptoms? And how prevalent is it?

Managing stress at work

Author: Eliza Oakley Date: 27/02/2015

It’s mid-February and the working year is well underway. If your workload is increasing and you can feel the stress rising, SANE's Mindful Employer has five simple tips to manage workplace stress.

The story of our logo

Author: Penne Dawe Date: 27/03/2013

You may or may not be aware that we recently changed the Mindful Employer logo. The change of logo has been an interesting journey as the responses and interpretations of people as to what the logo means to them is so varied.

Our first blog!

Author: Penne Dawe Date: 26/03/2013

Hi and welcome to the first Mindful Employer Blog.

Mindful Employer is an initiative of SANE Australia. SANE Australia's mission is to help all Australians affected by mental illness lead a better life.

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